CYPELEC Distribution

CYPELEC Distribution

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“CYPELEC Distribution" is a program with which users can obtain the 3D implementation of the circuit and load distributions for electrical installation projects. This application is integrated in the Open BIM workflow using the IFC standard.

"CYPELEC Distribution" imports the geometry of the BIM project building to which it is connected on the platform. If the project also includes a BIM model with the arrangement of the electrical mechanisms of the installation (designed, for example, by the "CYPELEC Electrical Mechanisms" application), users can import it to define the indoor electrical distribution.

“CYPELEC Distribution" provides a table of the results, the electrical distribution drawings and 3D Model of the electrical distribution.

Using the Open BIM workflow, CYPELEC "Distribution" exports information on the distribution, which can then be interpreted by electrical installation programs (such as CYPELEC Core, CYPELEC REBT, CYPELEC NF and CYPELEC RETIE) and they automatically generate the single-line diagram.



  • Program download

  • Available languages
    Catalan, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

  • License requirements
    In order to work with "CYPELEC Distribution" it is necessary that the user license includes the permission "Electrical installation drawings".


More information of this product will be available shortly.

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